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Are you tired of racing around your hectic schedule in life?
Do you sense a need to develop your life spiritually?
Do you sometimes feel lonely?
Are you searching for a community that will accept you as you are and treat you as a member of the family?
Would you like to study, work, and play with others for a good cause?
Do you want to learn more about prayer and the Bible?
Do you sometimes think you’d liked to sing in a choir?

If any of your answers to these questions are “Yes!” please know that Sunnyhills United Methodist Church might be for you!

Sunnyhills UMC is a small informal community of people who try to live out the teachings and example of Jesus in their everyday lives. There are various small groups during the week, worship on Sunday at 9:30 a.m. with fellowship following. Classes are for all ages on Sundays after worship, with child care provided. There is also a Healthy Life Choices support group every Thursday evening. Monthly potlucks, brunches, movie-goers, choir, prayer group, and ecumenical Bible Study are just some of the small groups available. A Youth Group meets on Sundays and other times to have field trips together, practice drama for worship, and visit the elderly regularly.

This church has always been rooted in social justice and environmental issues. We offer a warm welcome to all people who come to worship with us. No matter where your spiritual journey has taken you, you are welcome with us. We welcome diversity! We try to be inclusive in both words and actions. While we hold some basic Christian beliefs together, we believe each person is led on their individual spiritual journey by God alone, and each has the privilege of deciding what actions they need to take in life.

Does this church appeal to you? If so, please come soon to meet us! Together, we can grow in God’s love and joy.

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